This Saturday is the Big Dance!!

That’s right! Whether you are going to be in San Diego for Comic Con or not, make time to go to the World War Kaiju launch party at Rising Sun Creations in Mission Valley!

  • A limited number of advance release books to get
  • Signing by Josh Finney and Patrick McEvoy
  • Sketch commissions by Patrick McEvoy
  • Coloring for the kids, Fatman and the Defenders of Justice
  • Raffle to win prizes only reserved for Kickstarter Backers.

Come on out and see us. Click Here for Map.
Click Here for Rising Sun Creations

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SoCal Comics Now Carries 01

Hey everybody! Eisner Nominated Best Store SoCal Comics is now carrying 01Publishing’s books! Another awesome retailer you can get your fix of cyberpunk/giant monsters/horror from.

8280 Clairemont Mesa Blvd #124, San Diego, CA 92111
So go check them out. Take the Clairmont Mesa Blvd. West exit of the 163 freeway and turn right directly into the industrial park at the second light. They are all the way down at the end.


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The Guest of Honor Has Arrived and We’re All Set to Party!

July 26th sees 01Publishing at Rising Sun Creations in Mission Valley, San Diego to celebrate the unleashing of World War Kaiju on the world, and the guest of honor just arrived.

Fresh from the printer, an advanced shipment of World War Kaiju books was delivered to our offices yesterday ahead of the rest to make sure we had them for the party… and they look beautiful!

If you are a fan of giant monsters, historical satire, and amazing stories/art then come out to our launch party! Josh Finney and Patrick McEvoy will be there to talk shop and take sketch commissions. We’ll have a raffle for prizes, and BOOKS of course!!

Saturday July 26
4pm – 8pm
Rising Sun Creations
1640 Camino Del Rio North Suite 1478
San Diego, CA 92108
(Old Sweet Factory Space at Westfield Mission Valley Mall)
(619) 291-5264

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Mysterious Galaxy Local Author Event

This Saturday July 12th saw Josh Finney and Kat Rocha at the Mysterious Galaxy Local Author Event. As always, Mysterious Galaxy has a wonderful way of making authors feel welcome and the turn out was amazing! We even got to meet Sarena Ulibarri who contributed to our Whispers from the Abyss Anthology. Thank you for have 01Publishing as part of your event.

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Adventures in SciFi Publishing Reviews Whispers from the Abyss

Jared W. Cooper of Adventures in SciFi Publishing to the time this past week to read Whispers from the Abyss and what an awesome review he gave. “Anthologies like WHISPERS FROM THE ABYSS don’t come around as often as they should.” is the opening line to his review and it just gets better from there. You can read the whole thing on their website

Then consider donating to the Kickstarter to bring this this book out of the digital realm. This Kickstarter is just to help pay the cost of printing the book. All of the authors have already been paid for their contributions and we thank them for being a part of this awesome book .

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Amazing Stories Interview with Owner Kat Rocha

Amazing Stories sat down with 01Publishing’s own Kat Rocha to discuss giant monsters, Kickstarter, archaeology and what the future holds for 01Publishing. This is an interview that should not be missed.

Read it at

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Planet X Control Room says World War Kaiju has Lots of Heart

The results are in and Planet X Control Room loves World War Kaiju!

“The story and the artwork are just amazing and I’m definitely looking forward to more World War Kaiju! I definitely recommend it to all kaiju fans, but also to those that are just starting to get into the genre and those that are curious – this book is a great way to introduce first-timers on what giant monsters are about and introduce certain characters/actors that the novice fans will see soon in”

Praise indeed coming from one of the premier Kaiju news sites and podcasts. You can read the full review on the Planet X Control Room website.

World War Kaiju will be released in early August and can be pre-ordered at and our own 01Store.

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EMERGING FROM THE DEPTHS: Whispers from the Abyss has launched a Kickstarter.


01Publishing’s mythos-inspired Anthology comes to Kickstarter!

“Whispers from the Abyss is an impressive collection of short stories
that are inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos.” –

After a flood of requests, 01Publishing is bringing their successful
Kindle-only WHISPERS FROM THE ABYSS anthology to print. A collection
of Lovecraft inspired short stories, the anthology features 33
spine-chilling tales, including works by Greg Stolze (Delta Green),
Nick Mamatas (Shotguns v. Cthulhu), Tim Pratt (Marla Mason), Dennis
Detwiller (Delta Green), Greg Van Eekhout (The Boy at the End of the
World), and Silvia Moreno-Garcia (Future Lovecraft).

The Kickstarter will run for thirty days and conclude on July 31.
Incentives include custom sketches by Call of Cthulhu artist, Patrick
McEvoy, poster art, limited bookplates, and an opportunity to become a
member of the Esoteric Order of Dagon. Once the campaign is funded the
anthology will go to print and should be available in October.

To support the book visit the official Kickstarter page

Introduction by Alasdair Stuart.
“Iden-Inshi” by Greg Stolze
“Pushing Back” by J.C. Hemphill
“Nation of Disease: The Rise & Fall of a Canadian Legend” by Jonathan Sharp
“When We Change” by Mason Ian Bundschuh
“Nutmeat” by Martin Hill Ortiz
“The Last Tweet” by Charles Black
“Secrets In Storage” by Tim Pratt & Greg Van Eekhout
“The Well” by Tim Jeffreys
“The Neon Morgue” by Nathan Wunner
“The Deep” by Corissa Baker
“Fear And Loathing In Innsmouth: Richard Nixon’s Revenge” by Jason Andrew
“My Friend Fishfinger By Daisy, Age 7″ by David Tallerman
“Chasing Sunset” by A.C. Wise
“The Thing With Onyx Eyes” by Stephen Brown
“I Do The Work Of The Bone Queen” by John R. Fultz
“Suck It Up, Get It Done” by Brandon Barrows
“The Substance In The Sound” by W.B. Stickel
“Stone City, Old As Immeasurable Time” by Kelda Crich
“Hideous Interview With Brief Man” by Nick Mamatas
“The Sea, Like Glass Unbroken” by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
“The Decorative Water Feature Of Nameless Dread” by James Brogden
“Henry” by Lance Axt
“My Stalk” by Aaron J. French
“Give Me That Old Time Religion” by Lee Finney
“Afraid Of Dobermans” by Chad Fifer
“Leviathan” by Nicholas Almand
“Horrorscope” by Charles Black
“The Jar Of Aten-Hor” by Kat Rocha
“The Floor” by Jeff Provine
“Waiting” by Dennis Detwiller
“Other People’s Houses” by Sarena Ulibarri
“You Will Never Be The Same” by Erica Satifka
“Death Wore Greasepaint” by Josh Finney

WORD COUNT: 72,157


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Delays in Printing for World War Kaiju

When running a printing company, you have to expect delays and unforeseen minor complications. Our printer just informed us that World War Kaiju is going to be delayed by two weeks. The paper was absorbing too much ink and the glue wasn’t taking. The result is the picture seen below.

This is sad, yes, but also something that happens and isn’t a catastrophe. We here at 01Publishing are thankful that the delay will only be for two weeks and that early August will see the official launch of the book.

But don’t worry. The launch party is still on for July 26th at Rising Sun Creations in the Mission Valley Mall in San Diego. We’re having a few copies air mailed out for the celebration.

Thank you all for being understanding about this delay. Your pre-orders will be filled as soon as possible.

-Kat Rocha

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Utopiates now on the Kindle

Hot on the heals of it’s release on the Kobo and the Nook, Utopiates: The Ultimate Bet with the Mind is now available on the Kindle and Kindle Fire. This makes it 01′s first graphic novel available on all major platforms. Go to today to download your copy and enjoy it using your favorite app or platform.

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