PRESS RELEASE: Sex, Drugs, & Bio-Tech! The voice of Aeon Flux is back! Actress Denise Poirier & cyberpunk legend John Shirley join forces with AudioComics for a full-cast audio adaptation of Josh Finney’s UTOPIATES.


A new Kickstarter has been launched by AudioComics to help fund their latest full-cast audio drama, UTOPIATES. Based on the award winning graphic novel by Josh Finney (Titanium Rain, Star Trek: Enterprise) and Kat Rocha (Giant-Sized Batman #1), the production will star Denise Poirier, the voice and soul of MTV’s Æon Flux. Poirier will voice the Prophet, a shadowy figure who deals in the most illicit of
bio-engineered drugs in a futuristic Los Angeles. WATCH THE PREVIEW:

“I’m so thrilled about this,” says Poirier “I can already see how I’m going to be able to slip into her skin.” According to author Josh Finney, “It’s Denise’s character who ties the narrative together. She’s a force of nature. When the Prophet enters the scene, people’s lives change forever.”
UTOPIATES follows the lives of four individuals whose paths intersect by way of a drug called utopiates, which is a merging of the words utopia and opiate. The drug’s appeal is that it allows them to inject the memories, dreams, and most importantly, personalities, of others. Every user has his own reasons for seeking this chemical escape, but all learn the price of “soul swapping” is very, very high.

The UTOPIATES audio drama will be a full-cast production of veteran actors, state-of- the-art SFX, and an original score by BBC soundtrack composer, Jonathan Sharp. Also featured will be choice songs from bands Bio-Tek, New Mind, and Slingshot Venus. Helming the project is Audie Award-winning director Bill Dufris.

“Our aim is bring the art form of radio drama into the 21st Century,” says Dufris. “Just like our prior success with Titanium Rain, this will not be another classic radio play of old. Utopiates will have the same immersive depth, effects and intensity we’ve come to expect from a high-budget film.”

If AudioComics is able to meet all its Kickstarter goals, UTOPIATES will be a two part set. The first disc will be an adaptation of Finney & Rocha’s original graphic novel. The second part will offer three entirely new stories set in the UTOPIATES universe. Of these three
tales, one will be scripted by Finney, one by an author yet to be announced, and the last and final story will be penned by none other than scifi legend John Shirley. One of the godfathers of the cyberpunk genre, Shirley’s work has been deeply influential. Elements of his novels have found their way into properties such as Dark Angel, Max Headroom, and most notably, The Matrix Trilogy. Likewise, it was Shirley who wrote the screenplay for the The Crow, starring the late Brandon Lee.

Become a part of the UTOPIATES Kickstarter here:


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Come See Us at Emerald City Comic Con

We’ll be exhibiting at ECCC March 28-30 in Seattle WA. Come by Booth 1703!
Click on the map to enlarge the picture.

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A great time at Mysterious Galaxy

Josh Finney, Michael Colbert, and Kat Rocha had a great time at the Mysterious Galaxy Local Author Event on the 8th of this month! It was a great experience to chat with other creators as well as new readers and fans. A special thanks to Mysterious Galaxy for hosting such a great event! And what is more is Mysterious Galaxy is now carrying 01 titles! If you are in the San Diego area, you can now get Utopiates and Crazy Mary from Mysterious Galaxy. It’s easy to get to. Just take the Clairemont Mesa Blvd. East exit off the 805 and go to the parking lot with the Souplantation.

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01Publishing Attends Local Author’s Event at Mysterious Galaxy

01Publishing’s very own Josh Finney, Michael Colbert and Kat Rocha will be attending the Local Author’s Event hosted by Mysterious Galaxy Books. Southern California’s premier independent science fiction and fantasy bookstore.

This is your chance to not only support your local independent bookstore but also our local authors. We will present local talent that runs the gamut from mystery and science fiction to young adult, paranormal and graphic novels. Meet the authors, discuss their books and writing experiences and have some refreshments. Mysterious Galaxy is proud to be hosting these promising writers and we hope you will as well.
-Mysterious Galaxy Website

Come out and meet the creators behind Utopiates and Crazy Mary in beautiful San Diego, CA!

The event will be taking place on Saturday, February 8th from noon till 3pm at:
Mysterious Galaxy San Diego:
7051 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Suite #302
San Diego, CA 92111
Just off the 805 at the Clairmont Mesa Blvd. off-ramp.



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SFFWorld Reviews Whispers from the Abyss. Feels the Foreboding Presence of Cthuhlu…

Author Nick Milligan reviewed Whisper for,  spotlighting many of our contributors as standout stories including Jason Andrew’s Fear and Loathing in Insmouth…, David Tallerman’s My Friend Fishfingers…, Jonathan Sharp’s Nation of Disease, Lee Finney’s Give Me That Old Time Religion, and Charles Black’s Horrorscope.

As for Josh Finney’s Death Wore Greasepaint he had this to say,

The disturbed clown working his television studio audience of children into a primal frenzy – and the horror that follows – are the most vivid and memorable from this accomplished collection.

You can read the rest of his review at

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Innsmouth Magazine Reviews Whispers from the Abyss

artwork by Patrick McEvoy

Innsmouth Magazing recently reviewed Whispers from the Abyss and what a review we received! The reviewer, Allen Griffin really appreciated the short story format and had this to say about the content…

While I would say this is a solid anthology front to back, there are, of course, standouts. The first that comes to mind is the white-knuckle hell ride of A.C. Wise’s “Chasing Sunset” and Nick Mamatas’ story by way of interrogation, “Hideous Interview with Brief Man.” Both stories capture a deep intensity and manage to probe the darkest regions of Lovecraftian fiction. Also notable, Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s “The Sea, Like Glass Unbroken,” a tale of a lover scorned and a creature from the depths.

You can read the entire article at and purchase your own copy of Whispers from the Abyss on

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01Publishing at Long Beach Comic Con Nov. 23-24

01Publishing is very excited to be exhibiting at the Long Beach Comic Con this weekend at the Long Beach Convention Center in CA. We’ll have signings and meet & greets with Josh Finney (Utopiates) and Michael Colbert (Crazy Mary). There will be sketches, books, art prints, fun banter and good times. Come by and see us at Table 1503-1504A.

See You There!

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Just in Time for Halloween: Geeks of Doom Reviews Whispers from the Abyss

The Geeks of Doom news and review site covered our Whispers from the Abyss Anthology just in time for Halloween. Reviewer “Maximums Prime” especially enjoyed the stories by Mason Ian Bundschuh, Charles Black, David Tallerman, Sarena Ulibarri, and Tim Jeffreys. You can read the review at

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SFF Reviews Revelations of Zang

The Revelations of Zang by John R. Fultz was just recently reviewed by SFF

The strength of these stories is in the amazing world Mr.John R. Fultz has created. An impressive imagination is on display here…

You can read the full review on the SFF World Website.
Revelations of Zang is availble through 01Publishing for the the Kindle on

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In Honor of Nicholas Almand…

01Publishing was very saddened to hear of the loss of writer Nicholas Almand who passed away earlier this week due to complications from cancer treatment.
Nicholas contributed the story Leviathan to our recent Whispers from the Abyss Anthology and has been a great friend to many of our staff and creators since 2006.

In his honor, from October 24 till November 1st, 01Publishing will donate all proceeds from the sales of Whispers to the family. Please visit to download your copy for the Kindle. 

Nicholas will be greatly missed.


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