Titanium Rain Audio Drama Now Available!

Titanium Rain Audio Drama Now Available!

The Audio Comics Company and 01 Publishing are happy to announce the release of the Titanium Rain Audio Drama.

Titanium Rain is a feature length “audio film” produced by the Audio Comics Company. It is an audio adaptation of the book, Titanium Rain, one of the most acclaimed (and controversial) graphic novel series in recent years. Scripted by the book’s author, Josh Finney, this audio drama remains completely loyal to the original to the material, yet offers new and expanded scene that were not in the printed version.

This production features a full cast of actors, a completely immersive sound design, and an original score composed by BBC soundtrack artist, Jonathan Sharp. Stylistically, Titanium Rain has been called a “revolutionary leap forward” in the audio medium. Unlike old-time “radio plays” of yesteryear, this production captures the full-scope and grandeur of a major motion picture.

 Audio Sample 1 – Pull Up!

For more information and audio samples visit TitainumRainAudio.com or AudioComicsCompany.com

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