Broken Frontier loves the Titanium Rain Audio Drama.

Broken Frontier loves the Titanium Rain Audio Drama.

Andy Oliver at had some amazing things to say about the Titanium Rain Audio Drama co-produced by the Audio Comics Company and 01 Publishing.

As involved and complex as Finney and Rocha’s political backstory is, it’s the humanity of its cast and their very real, very believable reactions to their circumstances that make Titanium Rain such an appealing offering. In that respect it was crucial to have a capable cast who could bring life and soul to characters who were already so well-defined on the printed page. There are no disappointments on that front and the actors involved are adept at recreating the banter, the solidarity, and that almost closer-than-family camaraderie of men and women who depend on each other for their very lives.”

The Titanium Rain Audio Drama is adapted from the graphic novel created by Josh Finney and published by Archaia Entertainment.

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