PRESS RELEASE: The Sadist Bible Now Available!!

PRESS RELEASE: The Sadist Bible Now Available!!


01Publishing is proud to announce the release of“The Sadist’s Bible” by Shirley Jackson Award finalist and Stoker Nominee Nicole Cushing. Described as “Audacious, original and gleefully offensive,” by author Jack Ketchum, Cushing has been turning heads with a narrative style that is equal parts beauty and brutality. With her latest novella, “The Sadist’s Bible” she plans to take readers even further to the edge with a tale of decadence, death, and divine suicide.

“The Sadist’s Bible” is now available for Kindle and other eReaders. Read the preview HERE

The confidence and expertise so blatantly evident in Nicole Cushing’s writing is astonishing.– Thomas Ligotti.

This contemporary novella applies a very ancient archetypal element to modern themes and characters to interesting effect.  – Jaffa Kintigh / Jaffalogue

Shirley Jackson Award finalist Nicole Cushing is the author of the novel Mr. Suicide, the short story collection The Mirrors, and multiple stand-alone novellas. Various reviewers have described her work as “brutal”, “cerebral”, “taboo”, “mind-bending” and “outré”. She has garnered praise from such diverse sources as Thomas Ligotti, Famous Monsters of Filmland, John Skipp, S.T. Joshi, Jack Ketchum, Poppy Z. Brite, Ray Garton, and Ain’t It Cool News. A native of Maryland, she now lives with her husband in Indiana.

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