MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape Interview with Nicole Cushing

DJ from “MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape” sat down with Nicole Cushing to discuss “The Sadist’s Bible”, living in the mid west, Shirley Jackson, and the popularity of novellas.

Here is a sample:

DJ: What is the world of The Sadist’s Bible like?

NC: Most of the book takes place in our own world. (Specifically, in southern Indiana, Kentucky, and Virginia.) In other words, the Bible Belt. The culture of the Bible Belt plays a large role in the story. It shapes the social mores that Ellie, in particular, is trying to escape from.

But part of the story takes place in a mystical realm. (To avoid spoilers, I won’t divulge much about that place.)

DJ: What do you think readers will be talking about most once they finish it?

NC: Every reader interprets the book in a slightly different way. But from what I’ve seen so far on Goodreads, readers are talking a lot about how damned disturbing it is. (If you’re looking for pulpy action-adventure monster killing, look elsewhere.) They also seem to be talking about the depth afforded to the characters, which pleases me a great deal.

Read the full interview at and while you’re there, check out the free give-a-way Nicole is doing with DJ for a copy of The Sadist’s Bible.

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