Thorn’s Thoughts on The Sadist’s Bible

Thorn’s Thoughts on The Sadist’s Bible

unnervingMike Thorn of Unnerving Magazine wrote an amazing and very thought provoking review of Nicole Cushing‘s The Sadist’s Bible. Below is a sample.

Nicole Cushing’s novella The Sadist’s Bible delves into the ideological, philosophical, and theological problems of binary thinking. I know… at the outset, this might sound like some highfalutin literary project, but Cushing commits totally to horror, and to the ways in which this genre can bring both insights and physical affects to her ideas. That is, instead of forcing philosophical complexity onto a horror narrative, Cushing pays respect to her genre of choice, allowing philosophy and horror to emerge in tandem with each other.

Make no mistake, though. This is not some cold, clinical exercise in theoretical pondering. This is brutal, disturbing, and confrontational fiction in the best sense. If horror is your choicest poison, then this book is as good a choice as any.

Please visit Unnerving Magazine to read the rest of Mike Thorn’s review.

The Sadist’s Bible is currently nominated for a Shirley Jackson Award which will be announced at this year’s Reader Con on July 13-16.

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