2016 Past Events

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November 26

Kat Rocha and Nick Cole. Photography by Mysterious Galaxy

Kat Rocha, Jonathan Mayberry, and Nick Cole. Photography by Scot Washam

October 30


October 4


September 7-11

Kat Rocha with the Horror Writers Association of San Diego
Kat Rocha with Eunice of the HWA and Rob from Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore


July 21

Interview with Fanbase Press

Interview with Planet Fanboy

Photography by Planet Fanboy

Interview with Fanbase Press
May 12 – 15

image from NicoleCushing.Wordpress.Com

Nicole Cushing teaching about the writing method. image from NicoleCushing.Wordpress.Com

April 29 – May 1

April 7-10
Emerald City Comic Con

An absolutely amazing show. Emerald City Comic Con once again proves it is one of these best shows on the west coast if not the United States.

Patrick McEvoy was there to take sketch commissions and talk about his artistic process with fans.  Josh Finney was on hand to sign books and discuss the process of working with an artist to create comic scripts. It was great to have an impromptu panel right at our own booth.

Casefile: ARKHAM was definitely the darling of the ball this year, but all of our books were well received. We also debuted The Sadist’s Bible at this show and many people came away interested in checking it out online.

01Publishing has already submitted it’s application for next year so we’ll see you all again in Seattle in 2017

Writer Josh Finney

The only food a writer needs

Artist Patrick McEvoy

Another convention masterpiece

The booth boys

Discussing their next project


March 18-20

Creator Josh Finney photobombing the Captain.

February 19th


February 17th

February 6th

Huge thank you to Mysterious Galaxy for hosting this wonderful event. And especially thank you to everybody who came to celebrate with us! Josh Finney spent a great amount of time discussing dreams, Carl Jung and the philosophies of what scares us with fans. It was a blast!

Thank you all for making this day possible.

Even Cthulhu wants to get in on the painting action in Pickman’s studio. He waits for his first subjects to arive

January 29th

San Diego Public Library Local Author Exhibit. Celebrating 50Yrs of writing. Digital Program Spotlighting Josh Finney and Kat Rocha .

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