Cyberpunk graphic novel from 01Publishing is a striking combination of action film thrills and sci-fi smarts. “You’ll enjoy the adventures of Mary, just as I did…when I first learned of the world she sees through her purple glasses —a world of strange magicks and wonderment.” -Tony Lee (Doctor Who, Torchwood) Who is Crazy Mary? Mary is a cyber-enhanced gun for hire, living and working the mean streets of a futuristic New York. What sets Mary apart from the average mercenary are her visions. Through Mary’s eyes an eerie shadow world exists over top the one we know. This nightmarish realm haunts her, speaks to her,Read More →

TITANIUM RAIN HONORED BY AUDIOFILE MAGAZINE. Hot on the heels of the two Audie award nominations, the Titanium Rain audio drama received more critical accolades when it was honored by  AudioFile Magazine. AudioFile is a leading voice in the audiobook industry, and the number one source of quality audio reviews. Along with the best of the year title, AudioFile will honor Titanium Rain with a coveted Earphones Award at the end of the year. Read AudioFile Magazine’s review of Titanium Rain here: [LINK] Sample extended clips of Titanium Rain. Purchase the Titanium Rain audio drama from iTunes for $4.99. CRAZY MARY GOES TO WONDERCON! CrazyRead More →

Author and 01Publishing regular, Michael Colbert, is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign to launch his latest project. Entitled “Shambling Heat,” the short pitch goes as follows: Lance Hunter was the baddest cop alive in Los Angeles untl a drug bust in a warehouse full of strange chemicals went down all wrong. Now he’s just the baddest cop in Los Angeles. SHAMBLING HEAT! The greatest buddy cop/zombie/action parody movie you’ll ever read! Now’s your chance to get in on Shambling Heat at the ground level. Visit IndieGoGo and pledge your support.Read More →

Crazy Mary artist J.K. Woodward lost his home and everything he ownes in Hurricane Sandy this week. Please help support him and his wife during this tough time. Listen to JK tell his story on his podcast, the Happy Hour Donations: JK has a PayPal acct. at Buy Original Comic Art: Purchase Art Prints for $15 each: Send XL mens clothing to: JK Woodward C/O/ Reiss Studios 4301 22nd street Studio 206 LIC, NY 11101Read More →

01 Publishing is happy to announce that its entire catalog will be available digitally through iVerse’s Comics Plus! Starting with the first two issues of Utopiates in August, each month will see new projects from 01 Publishing made available for the iPad and other mobile devices. Many will be released digitally before they are collected in graphic novel form. The next big title to be released is Crazy Mary by Michael Colbert and featuring artwork by J.K. Woodward, William Blankenship, Ryan Sergeant, and Josh Finney. You can find the 01 Publishing catalog at    Read More →

The Audio Comics Company and 01 Publishing are happy to announce the release of the Titanium Rain Audio Drama. Titanium Rain is a feature length “audio film” produced by the Audio Comics Company. It is an audio adaptation of the book, Titanium Rain, one of the most acclaimed (and controversial) graphic novel series in recent years. Scripted by the book’s author, Josh Finney, this audio drama remains completely loyal to the original to the material, yet offers new and expanded scene that were not in the printed version. This production features a full cast of actors, a completely immersive sound design, and an original score composed by BBC soundtrack artist, Jonathan Sharp. Stylistically, TitaniumRead More →

On January 18th we’ll be participating in the Web Black Out to protest SOPA. What is SOPA?  The so-called “Stop Online Piracy Act”, a bill that if passed will allow a handful of media conglomerates to censor the web how ever they see fit.  That’s right, if passed the likes of Viacom, Disney, and Fox Entertainment will have the right to block websites on mere “suspicions of piracy”.  No actual piracy needs to have occurred. No proof, no court order, nothing. If one of these companies sees something they don’t like (or want to shut down a web-based competitor) they can just pull the plugRead More →

Hey Fans of Glitchwerk, Titanium Rain, World War Kaiju, and all of our wonderful titles. Glitchwerk Publishing has changed its name to 01Publishing!! That is “Zero One” Publishing. We felt that this name expresses the sort of stories and products that we wish to carry a lot better than our old name.  I can assure you though that nothing else has changed. We still have the same creative teams, same titles, same devotion to quality. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. And please excuse the construction on our new website. Things should be back up and running sooner than you think.Read More →