Patrick McEvoy and Josh Finney sit down with John Lepper of the Blood Shed to discuss their latest project, Casefile: Arkham. Josh I. Finney: A hardboiled PI tale told on the mean streets of Lovecraft’s most haunted city–Arkham. It’s as if Raymond Chandler wrote stories in Lovecraft’s twisted, doom-fixated, warped, fishy world. Patrick McEvoy: Visually, I’m tying to evoke the feeling of old movies – both the noir style of the 1940’s and the earlier German films like “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” or “M” or “Metropolis”. I’m also filtering this through my love of old EC and Warren comics – lots of creepy detail, scary shadowsRead More →

Some awesome coverage by great broadcasters and reviewers. The radio program Robots Attack on 103.3 FM KSCU Santa Clara gave World War Kaiju a killer review, talking about not only it’s unique format, but also about how they approached the book, and then their impressions afterwards. Wonderful work guys. Check it out at RobotsAttack.meRead More →

01Publishing organized a signing day with for local, SoCal creators at Southern California Comics in San Diego and what a day it was. Awesome creators, awesome new fans. A great day was had by all!! Huge thank you to Jamie, the owner for hosting this event. The 01Table Owner Kat Rocha and creator Josh Finney man the 01Publishing table. JK Woodward and Josh Finney chat with Terence Anthony of Protege. JK Woodward and the lovely Monica chat with Bob Bretal, Guiness Record Holder for the most comics and Comic Spectrum journalist. Terence Anthony (Protege) and Rebecca Hicks (Little Vampires) Awesome podcasters, FanboyNation chat with writer/editorRead More →

Podcaster extrodinaire, Cory Strode of Solitaire Rose Radio and Kray Z Comics Podcast sat down with Josh Finney, Patrick McEvoy and Kat Rocha for an awesome and entertaining two part interview about Kaiju, comics, Cthulhu, art, and much more! Strap in and listen to a great show! Solitaire Rose Radio 21: World War Kaiju Follow Up Solitaire Rose Radio 22: World War Kaiju Catchup Part 2 with Added Patrick McEvoyRead More →

John Dodds of Amazing Stories Magazine (the first science fiction magazine) gave Whispers from the Abyss an amazing review: Whispers from the Abyss (01 Publishing) describes itself as “An anthology of H.P. Lovecraft  insired short fiction.” But the authors within its pages are no slavish Elvis tribute acts. Instead, they are his mutant bastard offspring, whose mission is to misbehave dreadfully and have a wonderful time doing so. These Children of the Night run amok, gleefully trashing the very idea of florid prose and pseudo-intellectual claptrap of which the Great Old One himself was sometimes guilty. Instead, they tear down the walls, splinter the timbers, rip out theRead More →

Jack Bottomley of STARBURST Magazine just awarded World War Kaiju 10 out of 10 STARS and gave us a smashing review!! Here is a quote, …lovers of the genre will be in their element gleefully picking sub-plots and illustrations apart for their references. Some are blatant (Flying insect kaiju Mohdrah for instance) but the better ones are the more subtle references or indeed the sly satirical swipes (there is a whole joke that is clearly referencing Godzooky)… The plot is heavily scientific and yet easily accessible and committingly created for fans, who will be eager for more once that ‘end of book one’ marker appears (andRead More →

Jared W. Cooper of Adventures in SciFi Publishing to the time this past week to read Whispers from the Abyss and what an awesome review he gave. “Anthologies like WHISPERS FROM THE ABYSS don’t come around as often as they should.” is the opening line to his review and it just gets better from there. You can read the whole thing on their website Then consider donating to the Kickstarter to bring this this book out of the digital realm. This Kickstarter is just to help pay the cost of printing the book. All of the authors have already been paid for their contributions and weRead More →