This week Titanium Rain was featured on WMPG’s Radio Drama Revival, the North America’s premier radio show dedicated to audio drama. You can hear the show’s rebroadcast online at the show’s website: [LINK] For more info visit the official Titanium Rain audio drama website.Read More →

So now that you have recovered from our national day of stuffing ourselves with turkey & stuffing, go listen to 01 Publishing’s Kat Rocha and Josh Finney’s appearance on the VODKA O’ CLOCK! There internet goddess Amber Love talks with them about UTOPIATES, 01 Publishing, and breaking the mold of the so-call “ideal” figure in comics art.Read More →

The fine people over at BLEEDING COOL have just posted an excellent interivew with Utopiates / Titanium Rain author Josh Finney. Read it here. And for those of you coming to this site because you read the BLEEDING COOL article and want to t know more, here are the some links you may find useful… TITANIUM RAIN The Titanium Rain audio drama is available  for download on and iTunes (only $4.99!) You can listen to extended samples of the audio at its official website here: UTOPIATES The Utopiates graphic novel is a now available on (include link). You can also read it on your iPad using the Comics Plus app. READRead More →

Andy Oliver at had some amazing things to say about the Titanium Rain Audio Drama co-produced by the Audio Comics Company and 01 Publishing. “As involved and complex as Finney and Rocha’s political backstory is, it’s the humanity of its cast and their very real, very believable reactions to their circumstances that make Titanium Rain such an appealing offering. In that respect it was crucial to have a capable cast who could bring life and soul to characters who were already so well-defined on the printed page. There are no disappointments on that front and the actors involved are adept at recreating the banter, the solidarity,Read More →

Reviewer, Dianthrax, has penned an awesome review of of Titanium Rain (published by Archaia) for Metal Machine Magazine. The creators of Titanium Rain are currently working with the Audio Comics Company and 01 Publishing to produce an audio drama based on the work. Metal Machine Magazine is a web-zine dedicated to metal/hard rock, comics, sci fi/horror, and animation. Read the article at MetalMachine.netRead More →

Well, APE in San Francisco was certainly an adventure for us. Want to hear all about it? Then head over to Cammy's Comic Corner to hear how the show went, the cool people we met, the cool books (besides our own) that we picked up, bed bugs, and bad neighbors.It's an interview/review you won't soon forget! click here to listen – Cammy's Comic Corner – Geeky Talky – Episode 92      Read More →