The results are in and Planet X Control Room loves World War Kaiju! “The story and the artwork are just amazing and I’m definitely looking forward to more World War Kaiju! I definitely recommend it to all kaiju fans, but also to those that are just starting to get into the genre and those that are curious – this book is a great way to introduce first-timers on what giant monsters are about and introduce certain characters/actors that the novice fans will see soon in” Praise indeed coming from one of the premier Kaiju news sites and podcasts. You can read the full review on the PlanetRead More →

With the impending release of World War Kaiju, we here at 01Publishing have sent out a few pre-release copies to get people’s take on the book. And so far the results have been nothing short of amazing. Besides the warm reception that Planet X Control Room gave to creators Josh Finney and Kat Rocha, Indie Comic Book Noise podcast recently gave the book an on air review and loved the results. “The book is cool! A mix of sequential art in a painterly style… I enjoyed this quite a bit.”  Listen to the full episode at IndieComicBookNoise.comRead More →