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REVIEW The Sadist’s Bible  “It’s not just horror for the sake of it though and as the tale develops, we get an interesting take on the nature of divinity, heaven and hell.” –  Karen Ruffles / ScreamFix 2/20/2018
REVIEW  Casefile: ARKHAM – Her Blood Runs Cold  “if you can’t resist an occult detective, you’ll want to check this one out” – Keith West  / Adventures Fantastic  2/18/2018
INTERVIEW Josh Finney  Miskatonic Musings Episode 202 Listen and Enjoy 2/12/2018
INTERVIEW Josh Finney  The Weekly Geekout Listen Here 2/9/2018
REVIEW  Casefile: ARKHAM – Her Blood Runs Cold  Fanboy Planet Podcast Episode 499 Listen and Enjoy [40:00 min]  2/7/2018
INTERVIEW Josh Finney and Patrick McEvoy Dedman’s Tome Listen to “CaseFile Arkham – Sin City meets Lovecraft” on Spreaker. 1/11/2018