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REVIEW The Sadist’s Bible The dark sexual tones, sadistic eroticism, and the intertwined bond between pleasure and pain certainly brought to mind Clive Barker. The novella is fast paced, and there is not a dull moment.  Andrew Tadman / Scream Magazine 9/4/2016
REVIEW The Sadist’s Bible She creates such a fantastic world of depravity that I couldn’t put the story down. I was repulsed and fascinated simultaneously. This story is bound to touch upon the guilt and the private places in all of us, things we might not want to admit to others or even ourselves. – Reads & Reels 1/4/2017
REVIEW The Sadist’s Bible I knew if was fucked up and heavy going in. I didn’t know just how much. What surprised me was how well the story built up my tolerance for the last 1/3 or so.Fmalexander 1/4/2017
AWARD The Sadist’s Bible After blowing my mind last year with her incredible novel MR. SUICIDE, Cushing’s follow up novella is every bit as disturbing, thought provoking, and eerie as you’d expect. Excellent. – Top Ten Books of 2016 / The Horror Fiction Review 1/3/2017
REVIEW Whispers from the Abyss The presentation was top notch…For today’s reader on the go, Whispers from the Abyss is a great collection of scaly, tentacled horror.Daniel Schwent / Dangerous Dan’s Book Blog 1/19/2017
REVIEW Whispers from the Abyss 2 the content was worth the price, maybe even a wider range of Lovecraftian nasties than the previous one. – Daniel Schwent / Dangerous Dan’s Book Blog 1/23/2017
AWARD NOMINATION Casefile: ARKHAM – Nightmare on the Canvas Casefile: ARKHAM – Nightmare on the Canvas has been nominated for two Ghastly Awards, Best Original Graphic Novel and Best Inker (Patrick McEvoy) 2/1/2017
AWARD NOMINATION The Sadist’s Bible Stoker Award Nomination for Superior Achievement in Long Fiction 2/23/2017
INTERVIEW Kat Rocha Revolution Comics Podcast 2/26/2017
INTERVIEW Nicole Cushing Unnerving Magazine Issue 2 3/15/2017
 REVIEW The Sadist’s Bible  Cushing’s flagrant disregard of all things moral is an enjoyable little joyride into Nietzsche-ville…It’s gutsy, riveting, depraved, and oh-so-strange!  –  Renier Palland / Horror Novel Reviews  3/23/2017
INTERVIEW Patrick McEvoy The Horrific Review
INTERVIEW The Sadist’s Bible Horror Writer’s Association 4/20/2017
READING AND SIGNING Nicole Cushing live reading the Sadist’s Bible at Mysterious Galaxy San Diego Reader 4/27/2017
REVIEW The Sadist’s Bible Nicole Cushing is no-holds-barred when it comes to her deviant approach towards sex and religion… I was impressed and drawn in by [her] boldness and nerve.Black Guys Do Read 5/13/2017
REVIEW Casefile: ARKHAM – Nightmare on the Canvas The story is clear and easy to follow, and boots right along even while bouncing in and out of nightmares/memories to give room for extra great visuals. – Eddie Generous / Unnerving Magazine 6/9/2017
INTERVIEW Patrick McEvoy Horror Talk – Funner Book Splatter Episode 20
WORKSHOP / CLASS J. Ishiro Finney Teaching a Class on Writing Horror Comics at Mysterious Galaxy San Diego Reader 6/23/2017
REVIEW The Sadist’s Bible This is brutal, disturbing, and confrontational fiction in the best sense. If horror is your choicest poison, then this book is as good a choice as any.  Mike Thorn / Unnerving Magazine 6/30/2017
REVIEW World War Kaiju Center of Enrichment and Diversity in Geek Culture 8/3/2017
INTERVIEW Patrick McEvoy Solitaire Rose Radio 70: Favorite Jack Kirby Inkers with Patrick McEvoy 8/3/2017
REVIEW 01Publishing Catalog Capn Cummings – SJW Marvel BAD UNBOXING 8/11/2017
REVIEW Whispers from the Abyss I definitely was smiling during my read of this…Orion’s Cold Fire 9/10/2017
INTERVIEW Nicole Cushing This Is Horror Episode 169 –Nicole Cushing on Writer’s Block, Depicting Sexual Violence, and Transgressive Fiction

This Is Horror Episode 170 – Nicole Cushing on The Sadist’s Bible, Mr. Suicide, and the Bram Stoker Award




REVIEW Casefile: ARKHAM – Nightmare on the Canvas Coffee and Comics Episode 13 – Casefile: ARKHAM vol.1 “This is a Detective Story that crosses over into something else.” 10/23/2017
REVIEW Whispers from the Abyss where this anthology best succeeds is in finding short horror stories that seek to tonally match Lovecraft and others’ short weird fiction and horror rather than fill its pages with Mythos gobbledygook – Cirsova 12/11/2017
REVIEW  Casefile: ARKHAM – Her Blood Runs Cold  KrayZ Comics and Stories Episode 332  12/11/2017
REVIEW  Revelations of Zang  Overall, this is a really cool book, and while there’s more sorcery than swords by far here, I really dig it and commend to any lover of both. 8 of 10 fell deeds – Alfred Genesson The Injustice Gamer  12/12/2017
INTERVIEW  Josh Finney and Patrick McEvoy The Horror Tree Presents…Josh Finney & Patrick McEvoy
by Selene MacLeod
INTERVIEW  Josh Finney and Patrick McEvoy  The New Panic Room Episode 74  12/28/2017







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