Crazy Mary


Genre: Cyberpunk
Format: Graphic Novel
Written & Created by Mike Colbert
Cover Art by J.K. Woodward
Trail of Tears Illustrated by J.K. Woodward
Additional Story Art by William Blankenship and Ryan Sargeant
1 Mar 2013    ISBN-13: 978-0983923015

Who is Crazy Mary? Mary is a cyber-enhanced gun for hire, living and working the mean streets of tomorrow’s New York.  Through Mary’s eyes an eerie shadow world exists over top the one we know. It haunts her, speaks to her, and is ultimately guiding Mary towards something… unknown.

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Crazy Mary is a fast paced, cyberpunk collection of stories previously seen in the pages of Digital Webbing. Featuring stories illustrated by J.K. Woodward (X-Men and Fallen Angel) as well as Ryan Sargent and William Blankenship (Double JumpeR).  Also featured is the 35 five page story, “Waiting to Explode” co-written by Josh Finney, creator of Titanium Rain and Utopiates.

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