Christopher Shultz of recently conducted a wonderful interview with Nicole Cushing, author of The Sadist Bible and Stoker Nominee for her novel, Mr. Suicide. Here is a sample of her interview. Without giving too much away, the final scenes in The Sadist’s Bible reminded me of a way more fucked up version of Midian, the monster realm in Clive Barker’s Nightbreed. Was Barker an influence on your work at all, either with The Sadist’s Bible or otherwise? My work has often been likened to Barker’s, but I don’t think that’s a result of his direct influence on me so much as the coincidence that our brains are probably wiredRead More →

Very first day of the new year and all ready we are making headlines.  WORLD WAR KAIJU was name “Best comic of 2014” by Alternate History Weekly. “…a must read for anyone looking for some alternate history in there comics.” Read the whole article at…/best-of-…Read More →