Revelations of Zang by John R. Fultz, the quill and sorcery epic, is no longer a Kindle exclusive. For almost the entire time Zang has been availible digitally, only those who had the Kindle or Kindle app could experience the adventures of Artifice the Quill, Taizo, and the Glimmer Fair. 01Publishing is happy to announce that this exceptional collection of stories by Fultz is now available to other platforms and fans who use other readers. Revelations of Zang can be found on the Kobo and Drive Thru Fiction as well as the Nook and it’s continued availability on the Kindle. To date, you can now find Revelations of Zang Revelations of Zang isRead More →

The Revelations of Zang by John R. Fultz was just recently reviewed by SFF The strength of these stories is in the amazing world Mr.John R. Fultz has created. An impressive imagination is on display here… You can read the full review on the SFF World Website. Revelations of Zang is availble through 01Publishing for the the Kindle on More →