Meet the Creators of World War Kaiju and Casefile:ARKHAM 01Publishing is proud to announce our first ever signing event at San Diego Comic Con 2016! Hosted by Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore, San Diego’s premier merchant for all your spec lit needs. Come meet the minds behind the acclaimed Lovecraft P.I. book Casefile: ARKHAM and the award winning historical satire, World War Kaiju. Josh Finney: Author and sometimes artist, Josh Finney follows in the fine tradition of sci-fi novelists in that he’s a prickly, opinionated son-of-a-bitch who will tell you exactly what’s on his mind. Fortunately for Josh, he can also write well, which seems to afford people like himRead More →

Premiere online comics distributor, Comixology is now offering World War Kaiju for eReader and digital comics fans alike. A subsidiary of Amazon, Comixology has ranked in the top ten for non-gaming apps since 2011 and has an extensive catalog of comics and graphic novels. Download your copy of World War Kaiju today at Comixology.comRead More →

Kat Rocha attended the Local Author Event at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego, CA. This bookstore has been supporting local talent for decades as well as hosting nearly weekly author signing events and meet & greets. Their collection of science fiction, fantasy, and horror books is hard to beat. If you are in the San Diego area, check them out. It is worth it. photo by John OliverRead More →

Very first day of the new year and all ready we are making headlines.  WORLD WAR KAIJU was name “Best comic of 2014” by Alternate History Weekly. “…a must read for anyone looking for some alternate history in there comics.” Read the whole article at…/best-of-…Read More →